Wear the wrong lingerie one piece, be careful,bad for your body
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Sports did not wear on the underwear accidentally reduced to the chest of the meat lingerie one piece has been enough to complain! Actually may cause chest sagging.

In order to show the most sexy curve in the summer, many girls should be prepared to do exercise, right?

In addition to the determination of the movement to change, the more important lingerie one piece is the right equipment to let the niu who enjoy the process of exercise, or light is difficult to long lasting!

Many girls may think that after planning a good sport, girls may be wondering how to prepare for a single product? Remember the simple slogan "from the inside out" all catch it!

Refers to the part of sports underwear, and outside is the sports pants and sports shoes, women may ask questions: why should start from the inside to prepare it? Do not wear ordinary underwear?

Of course not ~ because the amount of muscle in the chest is not as much as other parts, so the excessive movement of lingerie one piece excessive movement of the chest process, is likely to cause the chest to lose flexibility, but will make the chest sag! 


Choose the sports underwear when the small details of the girls eyes wide open to remember these characteristics.

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